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I just want to say thank you to Melanie!! We brought our dog Cleo in a couple weeks ago with her sister Corona for a night. Melanie brought to our attention there were red spots on Cleo’s stomach that did not look right. When we got home, we checked them out and also found other spots in her ears. We took her to the vet the next day. They did blood work and she had 2 infections from ticks. One was rocky mountain spotted fever. She is still not doing well but the Doctor told us if we didn’t bring her in when we did she would not be alive. We have a long road ahead of us but I just want to thank you so much for saving my dog’s life and bringing those spots to our attention. On a side note not to worry about any of the other dogs that might have come in contact with her, what Cleo has is not at all contagious and other dogs can not pick this up from Cleo. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such wonderful people who really care about the dogs!! You guys are really the best and we will recommend you to everyone we know! — Karen DeRosa
As our anticipation for vacation started to build with thoughts of warmth, sunshine and white sandy beaches going through our minds, we had a difficult task to face. You see, our furry daughter Mackey (golden retriever) was going to need a place to stay for seven whole days! Oh my! We needed to find the very best facility for our baby – we needed to find a home! The research began, and after looking online for many hours (which soon became days), we came across All American Pet Resorts of North Brunswick. The reviews were great and prices were fair. Now came time to visit and inspect. With Mackey in tow, we set out to check it out. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly staff with hugs to our dog. After a complete tour of the extremely clean facilities we were offered a complimentary play day for Mackey to attend and enjoy her temporary home away from home. This was the test! All American is a very warm, loving environment, with outside play several times a day, TV sets for dogs to watch, and a staff of considerate, kind, caring people. The rooms are very clean, with beds and fresh water, dogs are given their meds if necessary, and they are always fed on schedule. The discussion was made and Mackey would board at All American. Best decision we could have ever made! Her special suite was equipped with 24-hour video cameras for us to look at anytime we liked. During our vacation, after breakfast, before dinner and before bed, we would sign online and watch Mackey playing outside, being fed, sleeping in bed and very happy – all of which eased our minds while vacationing. After seven days, we arrived home to get our baby doggie back! She was happy and in high spirits, and she smelled like flowers – she was even given a bath! We highly recommend All American for anyone looking for a place for their dog to be kept. We no longer worry about where to put our dog when on vacation, and will surely book All American Pet Resorts of North Brunswick when we go on vacation in the future. It was just like a home away from home with a wonderful caring staff. Thank you to Glenn & All American Pet Resorts! — Anne Marie & Eric Peters
I just wanted to tell you that thank you so much for taking care of our puppy, Alaya with kind care today. Glenn, I really appreciate that your kind sincere care. Also I appreciate your staff who was holding him. It was very nice and kind. I will bring him again, hopefully he will get used to it and enjoy staying there. — Takako


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